High in the mountains of Guatemala in the very heart of the Mayan world, is spectacular Lake Atitlan.

Here Mayan priests and healers practice their sacred ancestral arts, just as they have since the gods first shaped true men from corn.

All of our quality hotels have both the the facilities and expirience required to host wellness workshops and retreats.

Holistic health practitioners can tap into the energy, the shear glorious beauty of the lake and the enormous volcanoes on its shores.

Wellness retreats and workshops at Lake Atitlan are affordable to many who simply don't have the money to take holistic health trips anywhere else.

Unlike Bali or Thailand, Guatemala is both inexpencive and close to the U.S.

While Mayan healing is just one of a number of disciplines taught here, most wellness group leaders incorporate an element of Mayan ritual into their course of study.

Lake Atitlan offers holistic health teachers and students...

  • an unparalleled setting in
  • a unique cultural context
  • at reasonable prices.
Lake Atitlan